sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2013

Asilia entra na Gorongosa

What an answer to local communities' struggles for survival is this coming Asilia!

On the right is Greg Carr (new Noah) from Gorongosa Restoration Project and Bas Hochstenbach of Asilia Africa
Like Turvisa, Asilia is another great coast opening in a landlocked Gorongosa wildness. In this new coast at Gorongosa National Park different ships will bring tourists to discover and enjoy the diverse ecosystems actors and local culture of the people of Gorongosa. The local people were left as guardians of the sacred rain forest on the Mount Gorongosa when God departed. The spirits of the ancestors of the people of Gorongosa lived under the shady rain forest while mighty giants lived in caves of that same Mountain. The history of these people and livelihood are tied to the Mountain and its urgent preservation. Years ago, God lived on top of the ocean waters; from where He would send clouds and winds to be broken by the trees on the Mount Gorongosa, the people told me. But God retreated from the Earth as Kangamy and other giants kept bothering Him asking for rain on behalf of the local farmers. This was due to the increase of population and their basic needs of natural resources, which grew larger and larger each time, specially the need for rainwater fabricated by the then thick forest on the Mount Gorongosa. The rainwater and streams slopping down the Mountain to the floodplains were the greatest industry of life in Gorongosa. But in those old days all the rain had to come from that Mesopotamian “One Male” God, whenever local farmers needed water for the slash and burn agriculture. So, this need made Kangamy and other giants on the Mount to go and intercede for the continental women and men to get more rain for sorghum, maize, vegetables, fruits, and other crops to grow. Then, God had no time to do other improvements on Earth. He thought: these giants reach me here because they are of such strange statures. It was then that God decided to give every human being down the Mountain skills that would promote the Earth’s biodiversity whilst fostering rational development that eases human’s quick adventure on the Planet. Then, God turned the Mountain giants into dwarf people who can still be seen on Mount Gorongosa today. Instead, God gave different people different thoughts and languages to express those thoughts. He diversified human attitudes, provided for different and enriching skin colors, created varied shamans who use several trees from the forest to treat physical and spiritual problems. He made Samatenge the official rainmaking shaman in Gorongosa and made Greg Carr the new Noah who is shipping into Gorongosa new buffalos, wildebeest, elephants, hippos, and cheetahs for the Restoration of this thriving ecology. So, Asilia’s upcoming activities in Gorongosa may directly ease some local peoples’ economies, especially those who will be employed in the tourism efforts, while inspiring hope to the new girls and boys who, from the Community Education Centre, dove in and out of the Gorongosa National Park each year long.

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